NAACP is ignored by the Social Security Administration, while helping, one of its members of the organization to gain access to redress in Las Vegas, Nevada.

NAACP is ignored by the Social Security Administration,  while helping, one of its members of the organization to gain access to redress in Las Vegas, Nevada. The letter reads from the NAACP:

“Roxann McCoy, President,

October 23, 2017

Mr. Darryl Wallington, 1250 S Buffalo Dr Suite 150 Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

Dear Mr. Wallington,

The NAACP Las Vegas Branch #1111 receives complaints with respect to allegations of discrimination. This letter is to advise you that our Branch has received a complaint from one of our Branch’s members, Ms. Wendy Clardy. The complaint states that Ms. Clardy has not had the opportunity to appeal a decision made by the Social Security Administration office.

The complaint was received in our office on October 10, 2017.Our Branch advocates for equality and access to rights within our community. With respect to Ms. Clardy’s Social Security benefits, Ms. Clardy alleges that the local office has created barriers to her exercising her due process rights in filing an Appeal of a decision made by the Office related to her benefits. She has requested a formal Social Security Administration Hearing following the completion of the Reconsideration step of the Appeal Process.

Ms. Clardy alleges that she has faced resistance during each step of the Appeal Process. She has submitted the appropriate appeal form (Form SSA-561), however has been unable to receive any assurances from the Office that her Appeal for a Hearing has been processed or even accepted. In addition, Ms. Clardy alleges that she has experienced bullying and harassment from employees at the Office. She has consulted numerous organizations and legal advocates in our community for assistance.

Our Branch is concerned that Ms. Clardy has been unable to exercise her basic rights to Appeal a decision made by the Office.Our request is that Ms. Clardy’s Appeal is properly processed and that she is able to disagree with the determination of the Office. We would also like to arrange a conference to discuss ways in which individuals in our community can have easier access to both obtaining benefits and exercising their appeal rights. Please call 702.638.1300 to speak with a member of the Legal Redress committee.

The mission of the NAACP is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Alex Cherup, First-Vice President and Legal Redress Committee Chair,
NAACP Las Vegas Branch #1111”

My name is Wendy Clardy, I am a African-American woman from Columbus, Ohio and have been a resident in Las Vegas for two years. Subjected to a White Supremacist System, and some are considered “Gatekeepers’ working in the administration departments, on State and local levels.”

I have done nothing, but to make a stand, to right a wrong that was being done to me and I have been to all legal departments to get legal assistance and I have been ignored the right to due process and due process of service and rights to access for justice. Which has led to more victimization, for standing up for a right to be heard or have assistance and the right to due process,redress and remedy, with other state agencies, which includes, Fair Housing. I have 2 cases open, under Fair Housing that has not been assisted and or concluded, Investigators are on the scene but silent.

I have 2 leases under my Landlord, Walker House Apartments and the other with Southern Nevada Regional Housing (HUD), under two different names, and issues with computations of income, which stems from SSA false computations of my Social Security disability Income benefits. I also have unresolved issues with the DMV, The auto Insurance Company and the Department of Insurance, where there is a breach of contract and misrepresentation, illegal fees and fraud and tampering of documents and the suspension of my registrations without notification. These departments have given no due process of service to respond and/or access to remedy or redress. I have been refused to see the Administrator of the DMV to resolve issue, which has to do with extinuating circumstances, which involves Social Security Administration.

I have a mental disability, and have to see counselors for the rest of my life, and the information I have shared with them, My counselor have written letters for me to give to the departments at hand, even the letters are being ignored. I am under stress, and undue hardship, financially, and mentally and on the brink of bankruptcy and to loose all that I have gained. All my counselor can say, is “stay strong and positive.”

I have went to seek help from all legal departments and have not been successful for support, no one will help assist on the administration levels to help me, gain access to redress, which is a human right, under the Constitution of the 14th Amendment.

The only organization that has attempted to support me, is the NAACP, which I have been a member and a volunteer and on the legal redress committee, since 2009, however the NAACP are being ignored, Las Vegas. I am inclined to believe, the NAACP is not either respected or have the powers in its own state to help its own people, or they have not been active on the state and local level, where systemic issues are an epidemic.

In my case, due process of law to have the right to access, redress or remedy, the doors are closed. How many others have attempted to get access and gave up, here in Las Vegas or anywhere, maybe that’s how they want it, to keep people suppressed and oppressed and victimized, especially in the low-income grassroots area, where the lack of knowledge and barriers thrive. This is a systemic issue. Profiling and redlining is alive and well.

There is no help in Las Vegas, Nevada. And, the NAACP here is powerless to do the job. I believe in the NAACP, history has proved itself, for the many that died standing, to keep hope alive. This is a cry for help. I am not afraid to stand up, speak up or speak out, or die for a good cause.

I need help here in Las Vegas. I have documents to sustain my claims of being victimized, and Ill treated and even profiled against, by the incompetencies of these State and Local administrative departments failure to assist, and support the entry of due process to access, redress and remedy. Las Vegas needs exposure. I need a lawyer!